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Spring 2009
TeachHouston Helps Aspiring Biology Teacher

Thanks to lots of hard work, and a little help from teachHouston, Jackie Ekeoba is well on her way to achieving her dream – teaching high school biology.

The senior biology major was among the first to enroll in the University of Houston’s pioneering new program to train math and science teachers. The going was not easy at first. She juggled a full course load with part-time jobs at an office during the day and at a grocery store at night.

Without a car, she relied on public transportation and took many late-night bus rides home after work. Then she was offered the opportunity to increase her hours as a student worker in the teachHouston administrative offices with the support of a stipend, allowing her to devote more time to studying.

In 2008 her top grades earned her a $5,000 merit scholarship from teachHouston. She is still working her way through college, but now she is able to dive headlong into her passion for biology and teaching.

"This program has been a godsend to me – a great blessing," Jackie said. "Many college students don’t know what they want to do and this is the time to figure it out. TeachHouston really helped me with this and also lets me give back to the community."

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