Spring 2008

Message from the Dean
Chemistry Related
Dean John Bear College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
As part of a public university, NSM not only aims to provide top-notch science and math education to UH students but also to enrich education for students before they graduate from high school. To that end, NSM conducts numerous outreach programs.

One offered by our mathematics department is boosting math skills of Yates High School students. Testament to its success are 20 students who previously failed the math test required to graduate from high school but graduated after intensive tutoring by UH students. Through a second program, offered by physics, teens from two Pasadena high schools recently visited a new particle collider in Switzerland, where they rubbed elbows with Nobel laureates.

In a second Yates program, initiated by an NSM undergraduate, UH students are tutoring students in math, science, English and social studies.

Chemistry majors are benefiting from that department’s success in producing American Chemical Society-certified graduates, while a chemistry professor has been honored with a prestigious fellowship recognizing exceptional researchers early in their academic career.

In other research, one geologist mapped numerous surface faults posing potential problems for Harris County buildings and roads, while a second discovered ancient rocks providing new insight into the Earth’s mantle.

We invite you to read about these topics in this issue. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think.
John L. Bear


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