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Winter 2005 Issue
Letter from the Dean
  Rolando Garcia, Editor
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Dean John Bear
Many of us likely recall a favorite professor who influenced our choice of a college major or even our future profession. One former faculty member, Eby Nell McElrath, undoubtedly played such a role in the lives of scores of NSM alumni. McElrath, chemistry professor and one-time department chair, so affected the life path of alumnus Dr. Herman Suit that he and his wife recently established a fellowship in her memory.
Legacy of UH Chemistry’s Founding Mother Lives On Through Alum
For decades Eby Nell McElrath taught, mentored and inspired chemistry students at the University of Houston.
UH Gets $2.4 Million Grant to Train Science, Math Teachers
A pioneering new teacher training program at the University of Houston recently received a $2.4 million grant to expand recruitment efforts and help address the shortage of math and science educators in public schools.
Antarctica Research May Shed Light on Polar Ice Breakdown
Julia Wellner is looking forward to her two-month-long, taxpayer-funded cruise, but there won’t be any poolside lounging, spa visits or blackjack tables.
Undergraduate Wins Research Award for Project Linking Mammals, Parasites
Trace the family tree back far enough – way past the chimpanzee and Neanderthal – and you might find a microscopic parasite, according to a University of Houston student researcher.
Physicist’s Research May Improve Traffic Flow on Internet, Highways
Relieving congestion on networks ranging from city streets to the Internet to wireless communication could be as simple as finding the right routes, according to research from a UH physicist.
Hormone of Darkness: Melatonin Could Hurt Memory Formation at Night, Researcher Finds
What do you do when a naturally occurring hormone in your body turns against you?
NSM Alums Michael Tansey and Louis Green Fund Scholarships
Successful NSM grads took out their checkbooks again last year to give UH students a helping hand.
NSM Alum Pens Military Thriller
It’s a story that could presage tomorrow’s headlines - a military confrontation with North Korea that puts to the test a new Star Wars-type weapons system designed to knock ballistic missiles from the sky.
arrowhead NSM Student Developing Skin Cancer Detection Device
arrowhead Chemistry Professor Wins Award for Research
arrowhead NSM Researchers Fight Obesity With Biosensors
arrowhead UH Represented at Chinese Physics Research Facility Groundbreaking
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