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Winfred Frazier
Winfred Frazier (BS ’04) is a third-year medical school student at Baylor College of Medicine and a participant in the Houston Premedical Academy.

How did you first become interested in medicine?

W.F.: I first got interested in medicine through my mother and grandmother, who were both in the health care industry.  They would always talk about their day at work, and I guess I found it exciting. That was my initial interest.

What are some of the things you are studying at Baylor right now?

W.F.: I’m doing a three-month internal medicine rotation.  I was on a hematology-oncology specialty service at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, and now I’m at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.  Next month, I’ll finish at Ben Taub General Hospital. In September, I did a pediatric neurology elective at Texas Children’s Hospital.

How did UH help prepare you for medical school at Baylor?

W.F.: UH has a strong science department, so I feel that I was prepared for the science. I was also part of the UH Scholar Enrichment Program, which provided a support network of faculty advising, workshops, and study groups.

What type of medicine would you like to specialize in after medical school?   
W.F.:  I will probably go into internal medicine and possibly specialize in gastroenterology (GI) or pulmonary. I like the GI system because I think it is very straight forward.

 So far, what has been the most challenging aspect of preparing for medical school or attending medical school?
W.F.: The hardest part was the initial transition of meeting a whole new set of classmates, starting a new school, and having to learn so much new material in a short amount of time. After that adjustment, balancing school and everything else was also difficult.

Do you have any advice for students at UH who are preparing for medical school at Baylor?
W.F.: Learn good study habits in college; study in groups.  UH has many research opportunities, so take advantage and join solid organizations and hold elected officer positions, tutor and teach fellow students.

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