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Winter 2005 Issue
Letter from the Dean
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Dean John Bear
The beginning of a new calendar year provides an opportunity to look back and assess our accomplishments over the last twelve months. As part of the University of Houston community, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics can be proud of the charity and fidelity for mankind it demonstrated in the wake of so many disasters. Our College alone welcomed hundreds of displaced students and provided a number of new opportunities for them, thanks to the generosity of some thoughtful alumni and donors.
Dr. T. Randall Lee
Targeted Drug Delivery Strikes Gold
Recently, Professor of Chemistry T. Randall Lee invented a unique targeted drug-delivery system that incorporates the use of laser light to heat gold-based nanoparticles coated with a drug-embedded polymer gel. When the hybrid nanoparticles are illuminated, they emit heat, collapsing the surrounding gel and releasing the drug to the cancer target. More
UH Professor CARES
 “What amount of donor tissue will yield a desired breast shape? How much tension will be generated in the skin? Is there enough tissue to recreate a breast that will meet a patient’s expectation?” asks Associate Professor of Computer Science Ioannis Kakadiaris, who is working on collaborative research with surgeons in the Texas Medical Center. More
Professor Shishir Shah
Shining a Light on Cancer
Assistant Professor of Computer Science Shishir Shah and his UH colleagues in the Quantitative Imaging Laboratory are working with collaborators at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston to develop new technology to rapidly image, analyze, and identify abnormal cells. More
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Olafs Daugulis was recently selected by the editorial boards of Synlett and Synthesis as a 2006 Journal Awardee.
For his world-renowned work with high temperature superconductivity, University of Houston Professor of Physics and T.L.L. Temple Chair of Science Paul Chu was featured as one of 25 Houston Leaders and Legends in the January 2006 issue of HTexas online magazine.
Three UH students won top honors at the 30th Semiannual Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston (TcSUH) Student Symposium. The symposium series highlights original, multidisciplinary research efforts of undergraduate and graduate students.
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