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The beginning of a new calendar year provides an opportunity to look back and assess our accomplishments over the last twelve months. As part of the University of Houston community, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics can be proud of the charity and fidelity for mankind it demonstrated in the wake of so many disasters. Our College alone welcomed hundreds of displaced students and provided a number of new opportunities for them, thanks to the generosity of some thoughtful alumni and donors.
With the previous year behind us, it is time to look to the future and the next phase of the College’s development. In the coming months you will hear more about the University’s plans for the future and the substantial role that our College must play in realizing those plans. But we cannot fulfill that role without your help and support, and we cannot achieve the next level of academic success without the full participation of our alumni and friends. So I challenge each of you to show your support for our College during the next year in whatever way you are able, be it time, advice, or charitable donations.
In this issue of Momentum you will read about some extraordinary accomplishments of our faculty in cancer treatment and detection research, fields of obvious importance to people worldwide. These are just a few examples of the impact that your support can have on the College’s success.
Please enjoy this issue and let me know what you think.
John L. Bear



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