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The Department of Geosciences is taking a comprehensive approach to finding ways to make oil and gas exploration more efficient and cost-effective. Three research groups—the Rock Physics Laboratory, Reservoir Quantification Laboratory, and Allied Geophysical Laboratories—were recently combined to form the new Center for Applied Geosciences and Energy (CAGE). CAGE, led by Professor of Geosciences Kurt Marfurt, will pool both intellectual and laboratory resources to better increase the ease and accuracy of oil and gas discoveries.

With projects supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, the State of Texas, the Petroleum Research Fund, and individual energy companies, CAGE is:

  • developing and calibrating seismic attributes to improve the ability to image subtle faults, fractures, and stratigraphic features to identify reservoirs in mature basins in North America;
  • investigating rock and pore fluid properties to solve common hydrocarbon exploration, production, geotechnical, and environmental problems;
  • and conducting lab experiments to gain a better understanding of the physical processes that affect seismic amplitude, which will enable scientists to improve reservoir characterization and delineation (composition and shape).
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