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Dean John Bear
This issue of NSM Momentum features two members of our faculty who, in very different ways, are making a difference.  One of them, Dr. Ioannis Pavlidis, associate professor of computer science, has developed a new technology that uses a computer to perform touchless monitoring of blood flow and pulse.  His technology has been named by Wired magazine as one of the 100 novel technologies expected to make a major impact on the future.  The other, Dr. Jeffrey Morgan, who is professor and chairman of mathematics, is using innovative methods to help area high schools improve mathematics education and better prepare students for university level mathematics courses.  More
Joshua Udoetuk
Josh Udoetuk: From UH to UPenn
When students come to the University of Houston they are excited (and sometimes scared) to be out of high school and starting something new. These students are here to discover their future and explore the many opportunities for learning at the university level. At the University of Houston, students have the chance to learn with great professors and to grow both intellectually and personally. More
Ioannis Pavlidis
Smart Computing Using Thermal Images
Imagine if your computer could collect essential information about your health while you surf the Web, e-mail a friend, or pay bills. Thanks to UH scientist Dr. Ioannis Pavlidis and colleagues, the day may soon come when your PC partners with your MD. More
Third News Pic
Solving Problems, Creating Solutions
Because many students are limited by weak math backgrounds when they arrive as college freshman, Dr. Jeffrey Morgan, chair of the department of mathematics, and his colleagues, are procuring resources and employing innovative strategies to promote math at the high school and college levels.  More
Kurt Krause, associate professor of biology and biochemistry, and Rigoberto Advincula, associate professor of chemistry, were invited to attend the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative conference.
In celebration of the 75th birthday of University of Houston Professor of Geosciences Kevin Burke and to honor his contributions to his profession, the department of geosciences hosted a four-day symposium at UH that was attended by scientists from around the globe.
In September, Stuart Dryer, chair of the department of biology & biochemistry, co-sponsored an event with KUHF-TV that brought National Geographic Emerging Explorer Spencer Wells to the UH campus.
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